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paloma's kitchen

A celebration of life through food


Paloma's Kitchen co-creates bespoke culinary experiences that cultivate community and self awareness through the joy and pleasure of healthy eating

Paloma’s food brings people together, she not only creates delicious vegetarian food but she creates a nourishing environment for people to gather and experience food made with love. You would be so lucky to have Paloma cater your event for you, you would be in for a huge treat! Her menu choice and drinks pairing was perfect for our event and everyone was raving about how great the food was. Many happy customers! I couldn’t recommend Paloma’s kitchen more for true homely and incredibly catering!- Alice McCready, Akashic Alignment

conscious food catering

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Paloma’s Kitchen creates bespoke menus in partner with spiritually minded creators of events, workshops and retreats. The intention is to prepare food with loving presence to bring healing and heightened awareness through the act of cooking, eating and by sitting down with community in sharing a meal. 


Communites fed by Paloma’s Kitchen include, Re.Tribe Camping, The Garden Gathering, Ice Baths with Akashic Alignment, Mystic Disco Conscious Movement and Dance, and various yoga retreats.


The culinary style is mainly plant-based, comforting and soulful, with a melange of Asian and Mediterranean flavours to create fresh and nourishing food.


about paloma

Paloma's daily practice with food is one that addresses the struggle of balanced eating by immersing in the creative process of cooking and that of consciously eating; to be present in order to create intentional, healing food. 


Having roots in Hong Kong, Switzerland, France, and the U.S., Paloma brings influences from different cultures and is most drawn to farm fresh local artisanal foods, and environments that honor natural cycles and nature's beauty. 


Her education includes a B.A. in Fine Art, Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and culinary studies at the Natural Gourmet Institute, NYC.

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